The Back Bay Restoration Foundation (BBRF) is a 33 year-old non-profit watershed organization, founded in 1986 by a group of local citizens concerned about deterioration of the Back Bay watershed visible then through decreases in Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV), fish, and waterfowl.

BBRF is the only voice solely dedicated to conserving and improving Virginia Beach’s two Southern Watersheds; namely, the Back Bay and North Landing River watersheds.  Our efforts focus on education, stewardship and outreach to preserve the largest watersheds in Virginia Beach.  We team with other non-profits, and city, state and federal agencies to work toward best solutions for the future of the Back Bay and North Landing River Watersheds.

BBRF strives to raise awareness, addressing issues that negatively affect these watersheds such as sea level rise, land subsidence and land use changes. We mobilize volunteers, educate the public, and take positions on issues that directly affect the watersheds.  There is no other non-profit group with a mission of outreach, education, and stewardship of the Back Bay and North Landing River watersheds, and as such, BBRF fills an important niche.